Between the Silence

Between the Silence There is greatness in the silence of art, embrace the the art of the silence between the music.

SomEthinG WeiRD

Love this combination…


Late nights, no sleep
If I ain’t on my hustle then I won’t eat
Dreamin’ big, just wanna live good
Do it for the homies in my old hood
Music banging thru the windows they ain’t call the cops
Showed up at the Virgin when my album dropped
I do it for my Sister, for my Mom and Pop
I used to be homeless behind a barber shop

I wrote some sad songs, maybe they made you cry
Maybe they gave you a reason why you should date a guy
Or maybe the reason why you should break it off
Or maybe the moment when you should take it off
Girl, girl – I’ll do it, I’ll do it
That kissing, that French
I’m fluent, I’m fluent
If I don’t take you with me then I’m ruined, I’m ruined
Lovin’ the way you movin’ when we doin’ what we doin’ right!

Up, down, round and round
I can work your body thru all your ups & downs
I’ll show you how
We can make it last thru all our ups & downs
Yea – you don’t even know
I’ma make your body feel all those ups & downs
Good, good, baby
‘Cause ain’t no way to get around ups & downs

"And so I give her
What she wants, what she needs
'Cause her love is worth more than
Maybachs and diamonds, yeah” - Ryan Leslie_maybachs and diamonds

Buli Mooi’s Tribute

Abembo [The Indigenous Ones]

When did fake be more attractive than real

Unspoken truths amongst men taken from random locations.

3mins left, then I knock off…feel lyk if i was taking a diffrent career path i wouldnt dare do this but…theres sumtin bout sound dat jusss…keeps you going

J. Cole - Rich Niggaz (Born Sinner) (by OfficiaIJCoIe)

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